The 6660s

the greatest band of all time

Yo! We are heading back into the studio in 3 weeks to start/finish/destroy our new album of original songs, aptly titled "Original Sins." We'll keep you posted. 
PS. Anyone know how to tune a guitar?

What we learned from our European Winter Tour:

1.) If you're playing out of tune, breaking a string ain't that big a deal

2.) The louder you play, the louder you sound

3.) They hate Trump as much as we do

4.) Sex is both overrated and underrated

Our European tour is complete! We head back to the United Snakes of America tonight, in a few hours. Not sure what this picture has to do with any of that, but it’s got the moon, Bette Page and zebras, so, y’know…it’s…well, whatever. We be heading home. Wish I could say we were happy about that but well, y’know, Trump and all that.

A fan drew this & gave it to us after our gig in Finland. He said “You Guys Rock!”— so we assumed that's what “Äitisi Nai Poroja” meant. We were wrong. It means “your mother fucks reindeer.” But perhaps that’s a compliment in Scandinavia???

Helsinki, Finland, outdoor festival. The people, much like the weather today, were warm. And like the country, sparsely populated--we think the crowd bulged to 13 at one point. And we're fairly certain we heard a few of them clapping--but that might have been the sound of beer cans opening. The wind was blowing--so hard to tell. But they liked The 6660s--and by "they" we mean the two standing in matching striped shirts.

The price of Stardumb: Brian got in a fight last night w/a fucking neo-nazi in Stockholm after our gig. Oh wait, no. He busted his tooth banging it into the mic……well, maybe he slipped cuz he was too drunk on the way back to the hotel….or, well, whatever. He broke a tooth in Sweden.   Hans tand fan gör ont.

HEADPHONES. not earfuckingbuds!!...HEADPHONES.
The good folks of Norway know this. An excellent lack of earbuds in Olso. Gig went well. We think we may have seen someone dancing w/a cop--or maybe they were getting arrested. Hard to tell the difference here.  
Next, Stockholm: Klub De Ylande Kuk. We hope it lives up to its name.


 Last nite at De Plaats Schreeuwende Erectie in Amsterdam: There were 3 bands, we were in the middle. The first band was called Hazel. They opened with an old Tommy Roe song, “Hooray for Hazel” —a 2 minute bubblegum-pop song. Then played it again. Then again. Then again. They played it 20 times in a row—each time faster, more ferocious, more intense, more insane.  Encore? Make that 21 times in a row. We def didn’t  want to go on after them—and by the crowd's reaction to our set, they completely agreed. 

Off to Oslo!  Club Skrik Mannlige Kjonnsogan. Hopefully it will live up to its name.

We spoke to the lead singer (Kirk, from Germany) and asked him about how/why they decided to do Horray For Hazel as the only song in their set. He said, “We like the song”

We are here in London, day off after our first gig at the Screaming Cock. It went well considering the jet lag that ran thru our veins. Tomorrow Amsterdam: De Plaats Schreeuwende Erectie. Hopefully it will live up to its name. This is The SC's bathroom--and the stage was basically the same size.  

What a passport looks like after 5 tequilas, a handful go xanax, and a headful of jet lag. First gig tomorrow: The Screaming Cock in London. Hopefully it will live up to its name