The 6660s

the greatest band of all time

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November 17.

 LONDON CALLING!! Elroy here. Last nite at De Plaats Schreeuwende Erectien in Amsterdam I saw what my brother used to described as ‘holymothwerfuckingshitfuck!!” There were 3 bands playing last night—we were in the middle. The first band was called Hazel. They opened with an old Tommy Roe song, “Hooray for Hazel” —a 2 minute bubblegum pop song. Then they played it again. Then again. Then again. They played it 20 times in a row!—each time faster, more ferocious, more intense, more insane. 20 times in a row. Encore? Make that 21 times in a row! Trust me, we did not want to go on after them—and by the crowd's reaction to our set, they completely agreed. 
Off to Oslo!  Club Skrik Manlike Kjonnsogan. We hope it lives up to its name